What I’m doing with Love is Blind?

I love to read short stories and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a short story. When I wrote Love is Blind, it was nowhere near novel length and I couldn’t see there being anything else for the characters. However, last Monday night as I was editing a scene, I could see the need for another scene, I wrote the brief summary of it and moved on. After awhile another scene idea popped into my head, this time from Keran’s point of view. And I started to wonder, was Love is Blind really a short story or was it a novella or novel.

I was torn about what I was going to do about Love is Blind. I’d planned to have this story out by February and here I was contemplating more scenes. If I cut out any of the scenes from Keran’s POV, then it could remain a short story. If I just kept everything in Tarma’s POV, then I’m missing Keran’s POV and the story seems to be lacking the element of why. Why would Keran want such a superficial nymph that sudden sees him as a sex object? Unless…

My Muse is whispering in that “oh so seductive” voice. She knows how she can fix it, all she needs is my total cooperation. She wants no interference. She wants no writer voice distracting her from her writing. Also, Distraction must keep Critic at bay for a while. (Would you like me to reserve a small island bungalow in Tahiti or a yacht in the Mediterranean for you to work from? Yep, she’s not asking much.)

So this week we’re going to try the story her way and see if I can still make my February 1st release deadline. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll scratch the project and focus on getting Loving the Goddess of Love released a little earlier than planned. I’ll keep you all posted. 😀