Possible Changes to Love is Blind (Short Story or Novel?)

There seems to be a lot of changes happening to my writing, my writing business, blogging, and life lately as I try to correct mistakes that I feel I made or am making with them. Since I made an off-handed comment to Joleene Naylor on one of the Serial Story posts for Love is Blind, I’ve been contemplating what I really want to do with the story.

Love is Blind started out as a deleted scene from My Lord Hades that was written in Hades point-of-view. However, it didn’t push the action forward as more than a side note and the scene was discarded. I decided to brush it off and write a short story about Tarma for an ezine I was creating with a writer friend. Then life stumbled into the way and put the ezine on hold indefinitely. So then I decided to make the short story a free read for potential readers to sample.

Now that I’m nearing the middle of the edits I’m realizing there is more to the story. So the question is, do I publish it as is, or do I add to the story and see where it takes me? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Possible Changes to Love is Blind (Short Story or Novel?)

  1. I would go with the story and see where it leads me. Remember that novellette I wrote about the woman and her father who forced the rancher into marrying her and I wasn’t sure if I should make it full-length but didn’t because I didn’t want to take the time to do it? Well, I’m going back and rewriting the whole thing now because I wish I had gone with that gut instinct and going with what my characters were trying to tell me.

    Just my opinion. 😀


    • I think I’m just stressing myself out. I want to get books out and now I’m finding that the short stories I wanted to put out between books would be better as books instead of short stories. Guess I should skip writing short stories unless I do one scene, short shorts. LOL

      How you doing lately? Haven’t talked to you in forever 😀


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