My 2012 Writing Goals

Every year I make a plan for my new writing year, this year I’ve looking back at my previous years and trying to figure out what has been working and what hasn’t. I’m starting to get a good idea of what’s happening when that can really set back my writing goals. This year was a perfect example.

I’m going to try to juggle everything around so that for 2012, I can get most of my editing and typing of manuscripts done during the winter months when I’m trapped inside. Then when the summer months come and I’m outside more, I can do all my short story and novel writing. I’m hoping this works out better. 

What I plan to Publish in 2012

Love is Blind (short story) ~ Planned release date is scheduled for February 2012
Loving the Goddess of Love: Children of Khaos Series (novel) ~ Planned release date is scheduled for April 2012
Witch’s Fate: Blood Bride Series (short story) ~Planned release date is scheduled for July 2012
Keeping Mhari: Blood Bride Series (novel) ~Planned release date is scheduled for September 2012
Saved by a Valkyrja: Forever Loved Trilogy (short story) ~ planned release date is scheduled for December 2012

What I plan to Write in 2012

Witch’s Fate: Blood Bride Series (short story)
Saved by Valkyrja: Forever Loved Trilogy (short story)
Death’s Lover: Children of Khaos Series (novel)
Ride of the Valkyrja: Forever Loved Trilogy (novel)

And if I have time I’ll be Writing:

Untouchable: Blood Bride Series (short story)
The Familiar’s Curse: Blood Bride Series (short story)
Enslaved by the Aesir: Forever Loved Trilogy (short story)
Grace of the Valkyr: Forever Loved Trilogy (novel)
To Love a Gorgon: Children of Khaos Series (novel)