Parent-Teacher Conference? Or Embarrassment Lane?

So today my eldest daughter, T,  had the day off so I could attend her first parent-teacher conference. Not really looking forward to it. Please don’t get me wrong, I care about her education and how she’s doing in school; however, her teacher send home a notebook each weekend so that I can ask her questions or voice any concerns that I have. Every Monday I send it back with a questions and every Friday I get my answer. It’s like a mini-parent-teacher conference every week. By raise of hands, any one besides me see the redundancy of this?

Yes. No. Maybe?

Regardless of my thoughts on the whole thing, I went to the school at my scheduled time. I arrived about 2 minutes before 12:30. No teacher. I had my daughter show me around the classroom and asked her questions while we waited. It wasn’t too long, although we’d seen just about everything in the room before the teacher showed up.

So after a long, drawn-out explanation of how T is doing in school and what few things I could help her work on, we got to the embarrassing–I mean–the see-some-of-the-things-your-daughter-has-done  part of the interview. The teacher is showing me some of the pictures T has been drawing in kindergarten. I couldn’t keep back the laughter as a picture T has drawn of herself is laid before me. The teacher nicely explains to me that she is doing so well learning to draw and place other things in the picture besides a person.

I’m sure all sorts of things are going through her head about the insensitive mother that is laughing at her daughters artwork. I’m sure not all of them were nice thing either. What the teacher failed to notice on the picture is that T drew a self-portrait of herself full-clothed and a vagina on the outside between her legs.

Yep! That’s my daughter. She’s 5, going on 6, and she’s drawing pictures of clothed people with vaginas, boobs, and penises. And before anyone asks, no, she doesn’t watch porn or inappropriate shows with nudity.

So what is your most important moment with your little one? Like to share, I’d love to hear. 😀 

2 thoughts on “Parent-Teacher Conference? Or Embarrassment Lane?

    • I know! I was laughing so hard and this teacher was trying to explain that T is doing really good in her drawing ability. I couldn’t leave the teacher hanging, so I told her what the oval thing with the line in it was. She blushed and was a little flustered. ROFL!


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