Character Interview ~ Oinn

Welcome to that time of the month—no, not that time of the month—the time of the month were the dimensional boundaries of the universe are twisted to allow a character from a book free to walk among us for a time. Today we have Oinn from Once a Valkyrja of the Forever Loved Trilogy. Now Oinn is a human in post-apocalyptic Earth. Humans are a rarity in this world dominated by Shifters and a few other creatures we consider myth. He is Tyr’s friend and Jyria’s secret lover-

Tor: Not that much of a secret. Everyone knows they’re–

Stephannie glares at Tor: You weren’t invited.

Tor smiles: I know, but I was hoping to start where we ended last time.

Stephannie pointedly ignores him and turns to Oinn with a smile: Thanks for coming, Oinn. Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Oinn shrugs: Sure. I’m human. I’m poor. I love a Shifter that could kill me when she’s in heat. And I’m hoping that everything in this story turns out better than the ending is looking right now.

Stephannie: Ooo-kay. So how long have you been a friend of Tyr’s?

Oinn: About five years.

Tor: It would have been sooner if Hunn hadn’t been such a—

Stephannie: Watch your language!

Tor: Why? You don’t.

Stephannie: Tell me a little about your friendship with Tyr, Oinn?

Tor chuckles in the corner.

Oinn shrugs: We’re close. He helps me out with things and I help him out. We look out for each other.

Tor: Wow, when did you get so talkative! Ask him about Jyria, Steph.

Stephannie: You. Sit in that corner and not another word from you.

Tor, looking not so contrite, slinks over to the corner of the room: Damn, mothers are the same in every culture.

Oinn is chortling: Serves you right. You know better that to tease a female.

Tor: But they’re more fun when you tease them. You should try it some time with Jyria, I’m sure she’d…

Stephannie winces at all the imagined things he might say: Please don’t say it, Tor. Thanks for coming, Oinn. And everything will turn out okay for all.

Oinn and Tor look at each other and laugh. Stephannie sends them back into their book. It would be too annoying to keep them here. 😀