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Welcome to that time of the month—no, not that time of the month—the time of the month were the dimensional boundaries of the universe are twisted to allow a character from a book free to walk among us for a time. Today we have Tor from Once a Valkyrja: Forever Loved Trilogy. Now Tor is a friend of the hero Tyr and a wolf shifter—

Who’s charming and dashing and—

And talks too much?

Do not. I just have more to say than the common person. Besides, without me the story wouldn’t move forward–

How so?

Well…I…There’s that scene where I tell Munn that everyone knows about Tyr and Hunn…or the time I tell Tyr and Markein that the whole village knows—

*innocently* And they couldn’t have done that without you?

*Tor finally realizes I’m teasing him and glares, though not successfully*

So how would you describe your relationship with Tyr and Þruðr?

Nonsexual. Tyr’s been my best friend since he saved me from certain death at the hands of Kale. That shifter was a bear and he was ready to tear me apart for looking at his girl. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t touched her. *catches my doubtful look* I swear I didn’t touch her. I mean who would with a monster of a shifter looming over her. Did you know that Tyr isn’t an ordinary Shifter? I’m not sure what he is, but I know he’s not normal, because he was able to throw Kale off me before the man beat me to death. And there was something strange about him, but by the time I blinked whatever it was disappeared.

I’d hate to mess with Tyr, regardless of his size and our friendship, if I started sniffing around Þruðr, he’d kill me. That boy is absolutely head over heels in love with that girl. I don’t care how much he protests it. He’d kill the man who looked at her wrong.

Besides have you seen her father? Munn’s a giant next to Kale. I thought Hunn was a big man, but Munn…How do you think Munn and Lyna…you know? *makes a gesture that has me raising my eyebrows*

I’m sure I don’t know—

 Of course you do! You’re like a voyeur. You watch that act and write all the sex stuff down. Are you a polygamist…bigamist by chance? Because you know, you…me…uh huh

Okay, that’s all we have time for right now. Come again next week when I interview someone else. *discreetly waves a hand and a vortex opens behind Tor* Anyone else!

Oh come one, you know you want too! *Tor shouts as he’s sucked back into the dimensional vortex that brought Tor into this world sucks him back into this world*

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