Writing Rituals, Past and Future

When I first started writing I collected many writing rituals. First thing in the morning I went for a walk to clear out the cobwebs and meditate on my current story. Then it was home for a shower and tea or coffee while I did my Writing Practice of the day. Then it was log on to my computer and write for a few hours while sipping my 2nd and 3rd cup of coffee or tea, before blogging about the day.

The birth of my children changed many of my writing rituals as my focus switched to the kids and less to the writing. I lost time to do things. Exercising and meditation were the first to go because the chilly morning air is no place for a child and I couldn’t leave them behind. Writing Practice followed close on its heels as did daily writing. The days between writing appeared further and further apart. If I got around to it one day a week I was lucky.

The lack of “true” writing makes me a very grumpy individual. I need the creation process of putting pen to paper. I need to watch the unfolding of the story and growth of the characters as they struggle to convey to me who they are and who they want to be. I need to write.

Writing is my mood stabilizer, my anti-depressant, my escape from reality long enough to work out my problems. It’s something I’m striving to make an everyday thing again. The routine I lost when I had children, I want back. I loved my ritual of exercise and mediation. I enjoy my ritual of coffee and tea. I miss my ritual of writing practice each morning. I miss my nearly everyday blogging experience. I want it all back with interest.

What writing rituals do you have? What ones have you lost and miss? I’d love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Rituals, Past and Future

  1. I was reading the first paragraph of this post and wondering how you manage that with your girls at home! You were reminsicing! I think all of us mothers do that. I never wrote before I had kids, but I do long for daily writing, which is something I’ve never experienced. When I get that agitated feeling, I try to remind myself of the countless years that will come that will be all mine.
    My ritual now consist of writing whenever I can – and lately the baby won’t go down for anything, and the three times a week for about 2.5 hours when the sitter comes. It’s all I got, so I make do…


    • Yeah, not so easy to do when kids are home. 😀 The baby months are the hardest to get anything done. Especially the ones that never take naps and want mommy’s attention every moment. Neither of my girls took naps after they reach a year old and it was spotty before that. 😀

      Good luck on the writing, Jennifer.


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