Cars, Hospitals, and Writing

I think the chaos that has become my life is finally wearing on me. I’m not the most organzied or orderly person, but I like to know what to expect and even have a plan. The last two days have been anything but planned.

Sunday, my sweet step-daughter called us while out with her boyfriend to tell me that something was very wrong. She was weak, in a great deal of pain, and bleeding heavily. I’m not going into great details, but needless to say, it required a trip to the hospital. After bloodwork, an ultrasound, and three hours of waiting they found that the answer was simple.

So Monday I had to excuse everyone from school since we didn’t get home until 2am, and headed out to the doctors office to get her problem taken care of. It was problem that shouldn’t have happened and I got more than my fair shares of nasty looks for being the idiot parent that caused the unneedful problem. I spent most my time explaining that I wasn’t her mom, but her step-mom. That what was done had nothing to do with me, since her mom makes life decisions for her daughter without discussing them with her daughter or her ex-husband. That she’d only been living with us for a few weeks and this was her first health emergency. I’m hoping there won’t be any others.

All this running around gave me an idea for the ending of Keeping Mhari. I thought I’d finished it Friday, or at least gotten as far as I could in the book. But the old ending seemed abrupt and incomplete. The new ending flows better and I think will enhance the book. Mhari and William seem to like it too, although William does complain that she scared him. I’m hoping to get some more writing done on Keeping Mhari this afternoon, but first I want to re-read the last two chapters of Once a Valkyrja before sending it to be edited.