Life Changes, Step-daughter, and Fun

The plan was too take advantage of the shitty weather to post the rest of the pages on my website that I’ve finished. However, life has taken a turn and things have changed. The rest of the pages will have to wait until Monday.

Last night my step-daughter made a decision that has her living with us for awhile. Due to these circumstances, I’ve been busy helping her move her stuff in and getting her ready for Monday morning. Since she works, goes to school, and lives so far from the school, a car was needed. Good thing we have an extra car that needed a new battery and starter.

Hubby and boyfriend are now having their male bonding time over the engine of the car. It’s so adorable to see. He really likes the boyfriend.

There are a few more things that will have to figured out Monday for her stay with us and more furniture she will have to move into the house. I’m surprisingly looking forward to this. Surprisingly because the baggage of exs are no fun. But she’s a doll and an independant, no bullshit type of girl. I think the change will be good for her and her dad.

Opps! Kids are calling and wood needs to be chopped, so I better end this phone blog post. Bye for now!