Last Day of Vacation

We’ve been traveling through Yellowstone park and enjoying the beauty of nature. Although it seemed more destructive to build walkways, trails, and roads through the park, it had far less impact on nature than the countless tourists that once bathed in the hot springs, walked over the delicate bacteria mats, and trampled over the volatile ground. My daughters were absolutely fascinated by the geyers and bubbling mud. They were also perfect angels about staying on trails and not picking the wildflowers.

It’s the last day of vacation and we’re heading home. We’d hope to be home this afternoon, but it was a late start and a few stops along the way. The littlest one got sick on the curvy road up and down the pass, and then they got hunger two hours into our drive, so we stopped to eat.

Because of the late start, we’re staying the night four hours from home in an RV park. While setting up, Don noticed the tire was coming a part. Another hour or so driving on it and it would have exploded. That would have been a mess. Good thing he noticed it. šŸ˜€

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