Interview with Þrúðr (finally)

Yay! This week Þrúðr finally agreed to let me interview her for this blog. She is the heroine for Once a Valkyrja. I’ve been harping on her, and all the other characters, for nearly a month now. She agreed once and kept backing out. Or refusing to answer the questions.

So why now, Þrúðr?

*gives me the evil eye* Maybe because I’m tired of you acting like a nagging fish wife. Or could be that you threatened to make up things if I did?

Did not! *Present her with my best shocked face* I didn’t threaten. I implied I would make something up. What did you expect from a writer?

Honestly? To write the truth.

That’s journalism, sweety. Writer’s of novels lie in a truthful way.

*shrugs with tinkle in her eye (At least I hope that’s a tinkle in her eyes, because either she’s smiling and hiding it, or she’s going to kill me 😀 )* Now ask your questions so I can return to Tyr.

How is it going between the two of you?

Surprisingly nice once he got over his hang-ups. What is it with you humans?

What do you mean?

*rolls eyes* You have to overcomplicate and think through everything. Sex is sex. Love is love. It’s not that hard. You either mate for sex or for love. What in Hel does the rest matter?

Umm…Why do I feel like I’m the one being interviewed? We’re here to talk about your story, not the nuances of human nature. After all, Tyr isn’t human.

Correct. He’s a human-shifter-Valkyrja hybrid. My mother would be proud.

And your father?

Thor? It’s a good thing he’s dead. Loving Tīwaz over the dwarf he picked out to be my husband, nearly led to blows. Mating with Tyr would have sent him into apoplectic seizers. He tends to over-react.

Wait! What dwarf? You never told me about a dwarf!

*smiles* There has to be some surprises left for you, or you’d be bored writing.

Sometimes I hate you. *laughing*

No you don’t. Well I’m heading out. See you.

Bye. Come again.


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