Plans and Decisions

It’s ten o’clock and I’m laying here in the dark typing this on my smartphone and debating with myself what I’m going to do about certain writing and publishing goals.

Since I was a child of eight all I’ve wanted to do is write. Later I wanted to be a writer. When I moved to a ranch in 2004 another dream of mine emerged, one that speaks to my heart and soul. I’m torn between these equally needful desires. As much as I would love to make a career of my writing, there has to be a balance and I really need to find a balance between what is needful and important in my life.

This means I have to give up somethings for other things and I have to cut back other things even further. But here is what I do plan on doing:

1) My Lord Hades
I’m still working on the edits of this and have someone ready to proofread it when I’m done. As most of you know I’ll be adding a new cover to the ebook and will let any interested vote on the cover mock-ups this next week. After this, I’ll only be fixing typos to the book.

2) Once a Valkyrja
This one is back on the editing block. My difficulty with it has been resolved. I don’t have a release date and I probably won’t until it gets closer to actually releasing it.

3) Loving the Goddess of Love
I haven’t even started editing this story. The rough draft needs a lot of work on the scene order so that the pacing is more consistant. Right now it zooms through the romance plot and slows down so the story plot can catch up, only to zoom to the end. I wanted too have this story out by December but it might be sometime next year.

4) Keeping Mhari
Right now this one is moving along well. I’m posting the rough draft on my Rough Drafts Novel Blog about twice a week. This story isn’t on my priority list, but it’s helpful to my creativity.

5) Blogs
I’ve been bouncing around the idea of dropping some of my blogs and even revamping the ones I want to keep. My time is so limited and I’m really bad at the blogging portion of my marketing that I almost wonder if it’s a waste of my time to do it. I don’t mind the writing updates and posting parts if my books, but telling people about my day seems a drain on my time. I wouldn’t mind a website with updated content/articles and news updates. It would leave me time work on writing…I think I’m going to think some more on the blogging.

I better get to bed, I’m starting to nod off. Night all. And good morning to all in that time zone. Talk to you later.

9 thoughts on “Plans and Decisions

  1. Wow! That you have the patience to blog from your phone is a testament in itself! I tried once, got board and gave up :p

    Yeah, you have to take stock of priorities, sometimes. I juggle mine around constantly. I’m not sure how many blogs you have, but I’d take a look at the hits and if any are low maybe drop those? I have three blogs going now; one I am posting old posts on, one I post only author stuff on here and there and the other is for art/photos and it gets updated when I get to it – it has a tiny following, so it gets the least attention from me :p


    • If I want to blog most day doing it on the phone lets me do it anywhere or time. It’s one of the reasons I bought one with a full QWERTY keypad. 😀

      I usually only get about two hours on the computer if I’m lucky. Blogging and emails take up about 1/2 that time. Which leaves the rest of it for writing or editing. Marketing doesn’t even play into that time, except for blogging. Mostly I just try to focus on this blog and the SPAL blog, though that one being downsized to once a month lately. I have three others but I rarely update them.

      I have more problems with all the things ‘I’m suppose to be doing to sale books’ and don’t have the time to do. Sometimes it’s just frustrating because I would love to make enough money off writing for my husband to retire from his very dangerous job and just ranch.


  2. I say to drop whatever isn’t working. I’ve also had to drop some ideas. Forums and contacting bloggers about reviewing books are popular methods for book promotion, but I’ve had to say no to these. They’re too time consuming. I rarely do Facebook, except to link my blog posts, and I don’t do the Twitter game. No one can be everywhere at once, as nice as the idea is.

    Blogging might not be your avenue. I love it, so it’s easy to do, but even so, recently, it’s dropped in favor of revamping those old books. And once I am done with them, I’m not going back to do any more. I’ve had it. There’s always someone who isn’t happy with the way my book turned out and they’ll just have to stay unhappy from now on. I’m exhausted of catering to people’s whims. That is another time drain which doesn’t lead to a big boost in sales.


    • Lately I’ve been thinking of dropping the blogging for writing and producing new work. It’s hard to get new books out when it takes so long to finish a book because I have about 2 hours to work on the computer. Which is why I started handwriting all my stories. I seem to get more done when family members think I’m watching TV with them.

      Since I’m not the best blogger I was thinking of a static website that I can update when needed and for a while just post story pieces and updates and articles since I seem to get more hits on my articles than anything else, kinda like a newsletter.

      You shouldn’t have to cater to people. You self-published so you could write the books you wanted to read. There are other people who like the books you are writing.


  3. Perhaps it’s a good thing you’re cutting back. You can’t be everything to everyone. 🙂 Life is about making choices. It makes everything so much more valuable that way.


    • No, I can’t. 😦 I just wish the thing that I have to cut back on wasn’t my writing. I want to make writing my job, not the ranch. I don’t mind ranching as a hobby. 😀


  4. Not to diminish your woes in any way, but you’re not alone in having to juggle writing. Very few have the opportunity to write full time. I’m saying this on the lines of “Be Encouraged!” If they can do it, so can you.

    Earlier this year I joined a group called Word Count Union ( The goal is to write 100 creative words a day. It’s not a lot, but if you do the math it comes to be 36,500 words a year. That’s half a novel or a novella if that’s your thing.

    I finished a novella this April using the 100 word a day method. I started with ~17k and ended with ~37k. Most days I wrote less than 200 words. On the days I could care less about writing, it took me 15-20 minutes to jot down my 100 words. On those highly motivated days, I still didn’t write more than 500 words. I think once I broke 1k. Then I used that motivation elsewhere.

    You say you have about 2 hours a night. I know you’re up to your eyeballs with editing, but sometimes it’s hard to see the progress when working on the same thing. I challenge you to 100 words a day (15-30 minutes of your time), simply because it’s nice to see progress… watch the word count grow.

    Nothing like writing to make me feel like a writer. 🙂

    As for editing, I don’t know what to say about that. 🙂 I hate doing it. One thing I can say, my 100 word a day manuscript is the cleanest I’ve ever written. I think it’s because I had so much time to think about the few words I’d write.

    More than anything I want to say quit beating the hell out of MLH. It’s been a year since you released it. If you want to tweak it, let it be the spare time project, not the main project. Move on to something new.

    Yes, your writing skills have improved over the year… it’s bound to happen. As tempting as it is to apply those skills to MLH, don’t… at least not right now. Your reviews are decent. You will always, ALWAYS find something to tweak with MLH. Resist… it’s putting you in a rut. Instead, use those skills toward a new publication.

    Okay. 🙂 Putting the Bossy Girl away for later. Feel free to join us at Word Count Union. We’ve been rather spotty with our writing there lately. It’d be nice to have a fresh infusion of new faces.


    • 😀 I should try the 100 words a day thing. I should say that I haven’t devoted all my time to editing My Lord Hades which is why it has taken so long. I spend a short time writing Keeping Mhari, do a little editing of Once a Valkyrja and My Lord Hades on most days. There is the occasion when I get nothing writing related done.

      But you’re right I need to stop complaining and just get to work.


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