1 Step Forward…About 5 Steps Back

This month has just plain sucked for getting anything done writing related. I feel like with every stepped forward I’m taking about five steps back.

If it’s not problems with the relations, something happening at the ranch, or with the kids. I’m so tried of it all and I need a vacation. Which I’m going to be taking in May, after the voting for the cover of My Lord Hades is finished, so I can take care of some things.

4 thoughts on “1 Step Forward…About 5 Steps Back

  1. Mine is July when my husband comes home for a month. So I’m scrambling around to get everything lined up before then. But what I most need a break from is emails from people who aren’t happy with my books. *sigh* My ‘unfan’ list grows all the time.


    • 😀 I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful July. And don’t let the naysayers get you down. They don’t have anything better to do then go around the Internet complaining to people.


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