Rain, Rain, Go Away

My daughters always love to sing “Rain, Rain, Go away. Come again another day.” When every it looks stormy. Well it’s raining today and has been since yesterday afternoon and my little ones can’t figure out why the rain isn’t going away. I finally told them that all those times they told the rain to go away is now coming back to haunt them. It’s suppose to be this way for the next couple days, but I’m not complaining too loudly. I’m kinda partial to rain. 😀

Most people find rainy days to be depressing as hell. I find the rain to be cleansing and fresh. I like the ping sound on the roof at night. I find the rain brings back memories of living in the coast of Washington State and in British Columbia, Canada. Some days I miss the rain.

4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. I’m a Washington gal also. When it rains, life goes on for Washingtonians. 🙂

    One year I was in Monterey CA going to school. The next day in class folks had dark circles under there eyes. What’s with them? Found out, that night it’d stormed like crazy. haha As for me, I’d slept better that night than I’d done in a long time.


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