First Thing in the Morning

I love that moment before the sun comes up, when the house is silent, and I can just listen to the sounds around me. The whoosh of the fire in our wood cookstove as it burns the paper and kindling. The crackle and pop as it burns the pine.

The hubby and kids are still sleeping. One kid is snuggled up beside Don in our bed and the other is still in her own bed. I can hear the change of their breathing from deep to light. I can hear the slither of the sheets as they move and slowly begin to wake.

Soon it will be time to go feed the cows. But first I have to get them a morning snack, nothing big, maybe an apple. They won’t eat much upon first waking, but in an hour they’ll be “starved.” I just hope by then I’ll have the truck loaded with hay and the wood chopped and stacked beside the door. There is no better time to get chores done than first thing in the morning.

Maybe later today, after everything is done and the kids are playing I can work again on the edits of My Lord Hades. I’d like to get them done this week. I’d like to have them ready to fix on the computer so I input them into the digital copy next week. Hopefully I can listen to the narrator read it the following week and by the end of April have it reloaded to ebook stores and print.

2 thoughts on “First Thing in the Morning

  1. That was a beautifully descriptive post. 😀 If I weren’t such a night owl, I’d be tempted to go up there and joinn in the early morning fun.

    Good luck on the edits. I know what a pain those are.


    • I love the first part of morning when they’re all asleep and I have just a moment to myself. It’s also great in the evening time too, but that’s more rare at this house. 🙂

      So far the edits are going good. It makes me think I need longer between what I think is the last edit and the actual last edit. Like a year.


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