I’m Back!

I didn’t mention it, but I needed a break from it all. For the last six days I haven’t logged on to the computer. I haven’t done much marketing or promoting. I haven’t written a word or done any work on My Lord Hades. I’ve posted a little from my phone. But not much more than that.

I really I just needed break from it all. I really needed to decompress and figure out what went wrong between my sister-in-law and me. I needed get away from my writing and just think things through. I needed to get my little one ready for school this fall. So I unplugged.

Now I haven’t figured out everything I hoped, but I did get a lot of reading in and made a large dent in my reading list. Novels. Short stories. Samples of books I was interested in. I’ve already started a list of books I want to add to my reading list.

There were industry published books, self-published books, and indie books. Now sprinkled among these books were good books, great books, books I was fond of, and some horrible books. There were some series books that I’m now looking to buy the sequels too. Like I need to add anymore books to my list. 🙂

One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. I hope the break was a good one. 😀 I don’t blame you for taking time off. Sometimes you have to de-stress. I am thinking of doing that in July when my husband comes home for a month. BTW, I started a book about a certain character names Susie and used a certain phrase I’m sure you’d recognize if you saw it. 😉


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