Star Trek, Writing, and eReaders

I promise that I didn’t stay up late last night. I wasn’t editing the last pages of the hard copy of Once a Valkyrja. And I defintely wasn’t put the finishing touches on that shower scene in Keeping Mhari with William and Mhari…Yummy…Opps! Okay, so I’m a horrible liar. I was doing all of that. Which is why I slept in and have yet to begin chapter 6 revisions of Once a Valkyrja at 11am, and am procrastinating by watching Star Trek: the Next Generation.

Now I’m not a hard-core, die-hard fan of Star Trek. I do not own any of the toys or have a uniform from my favorite character(s). But I do enjoy the interplay of the characters in the show. I like the core message in all the episodes. I like the adventure that they find themselves in. And occasionally I find something to laugh about.

Today it was Captain Jean Luc Picard reading an eBook on his eReader. It looked surprising;y similar to my Amazon Kindle, definitely not up to par with iPad. Not sure what great classic or detective novel he might have been reading when he was interpreted, but it really doesn’t matter. I was more amazed that someone over 20 years ago forsaw what nice things a handy reading device would be and it took them so long to put the very thing out in the market.

I love that fiction became reality. Just like some of the things in the James Bond movies find their way into the real world years and years after they were used in the movies. I love that my eReader is in Star Trek, or at least its proto-type. And I don’t blame the crew of the Enterprise for having eReaders instead of carrying around an entire library of books that might be lost in a space battle or would take up tons of room.

It’s the same reason I bought my Amazon Kindle. No, not the battle in space part, the taking up tons of room in a limited room house. That, and my husband refused to dish out money for more books that I don’t have the room to shelve anymore. So now all my reading is done on my Kindle, and when I find a book that I love and just have to own because I’ll read it over and over again, I can buy it. Also I don’t kill as many trees reading them on my eReader and deleting them later if I don’t like it.  And in the event that I survive the coming Apocolypse that might happen in my lifetime, I will have shevles of books from which to read. No need for batteries.

5 thoughts on “Star Trek, Writing, and eReaders

  1. Hehe. All I remember from Star Trek: TNG was they liked Sherlock Holmes a lot. It seemed Picard was a huge detective enthusiast. As a side note, I based one of my early romance characters off of Commander Riker’s character (minus the catting around he was doing). I’ve always admired Patrick Steward (who played Picard; I know he didn’t play Riker in case someone comments) for his superb acting abilities. His performance in Moby Dick was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    Okay. Way off topic.

    Yep, despite what people say, I see eReaders will be around for a long time. I do wonder if or when they’ll have holograms where we can become the character in a story and make it up as we go along. 😀


    • This is going to sound really geeky of me, but Data was the Sherlock Holmes enthusiast with Jordy LeForge. The old doctor before Beverly and Diana both joined in once. Picard was more a fan of the 1920’s detective series with the main character being Dicks.

      I never saw Patrick Stewart in Moby Dick, though I find it ironic since in Star Trek: First Contact he was compared to Captain Ahab. But I did see him in this one show where he was an ex-assassin with Alhztimers (or however it’s spelled) and I thought he did an exceptional job playing the part of a aging man losing his mind and struggling to retain it so that certain blackmail information wasn’t leaked out.

      As for the holograms, they are already working their way into the workplace and homes. Movie theathers with 3D technologies are using holograms, as are TVs in our homes, ID and Credit Cards. There is also Hologram projection technologies that allow an image to be projected on a stage. It might not be up to Star Trek standards, but it is a start. 😀

      Geek moment over. LOL


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