Writing and Marketing, and What I Plan to Do with Them

Writing is one of those things that I have to do. It’s like breathing. It’s hardwired into my brain. I can’t go very long without it, I know, I’ve tried. It’s my activity of choice. And I haven’t been able to focus on writing something new these last few months or anything much these last few days.

I spoke of Standing at the Crossroads a few days ago and looking down the two roads of what I could do and making a decision over whether to journey down the less travelled road or the well-worn one. There are four roads, two for my children, and two for my writing and marketing endeavors.

For the my children, I chose the well-worn one with a prayer to the school spirits to protect and watch over them in the coming years. They will be going to the government school, but there is that knowledge that at any time I could take them out of school and homeschool them depending on their needs.

For my writing and marketing, I’ve been looking at my goals and what I can reasonably accomplish. How do I go about doing what I enjoy and making a living at it? What are my goals? And how do I need modify what I already have?

And the decision I came up with was less stressful. I already work three jobs. I’m a writer, mother/housekeeper, and rancher. Occasionally I’m a web designer and book cover creator. Marketing isn’t my strong suit. I don’t know how to be sexy or funny online. Usually I’m funny without realizing what I did or be able to reproduce it. I don’t have the time to be everywhere at once and still be able to write.

So I’ve decided to limit my marketing strategy to blogging and writing new books until such time as I have the time to focus on marketing my books. I’ll still be on Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook, but that will pretty much be limited to blog posts and interesting articles that I run across. There will probably come a time when I remove myself from Facebook and Twitter completely since most views are through my blog. Not a lot comes through Facebook or Twitter. Maybe I’m just not doing that right, though I’m thinking time is the biggest part of that lack of success.

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