My Muse Just Slapped Me Upside the Head

I’m a doggedly determined person that can be stubborn in so many ways. My muse has learned this over the years that we have been together and she’s found a way to work around it. Rather than tell me that I’m doing something wrong (Anyone ever see “Mr. Mom”? If not, it’s not important. The phrase just reminds me of the movie.), she’s learned to just sit back and wait for as long as it takes for me to learn that I can’t bully my way through the story.

There comes that moment when I realize that something isn’t working right and I stop to think all the elements of the story through.I can hear my writing instructor lecturing me in the background that if I’m not writing something on to paper then it’s not really writing, but if there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it’s that I must unlearn some writing lessons. And that is one of them.

Not writing, isn’t always procrastination, sometimes it allows my subtle muses to fire off those flaming arrows at my head, so that everything falls into place and the writing goes easier and faster. I might not have accomplished a lot of writing, but now I know why the revisions to Ride of the Valkyrja have been going so slow, that the idea I had for Love is Blind short short will not work as planned (already planned out something that would much better), and where book 1 of the Blood Bride series is going.

1) Ride of the Valkyrja: While the scenes don’t need to be reworked past the editing that needs to be done, I need to remove two scenes, rename most everyone, add a little history, and rewrite some of Prudr’s scenes to match with the new history that I gave her.

2) Love is Blind: This is still going to be a short short between William and Martha that will go into Passion, Love, & Sex eZine, but rather than placing it in the 1800’s I reworked the whole thing and moved it back to 1595 when William is a young man of 18 who is about to be burned in France’s burning fields as a witch. No, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon and doing a story about a witch, William is a demon, as in the ancient Greek meaning of demon rather than Christian. He’s a supernatural being whose nature is intermediate between that of a god and that of a man, or an inferior divinity.

3) Book One of the Blood Bride Series: This was my best contribution to my old writing instructors idea of what constitutes writing. I wrote down a working title, sketched out a cover, and created a premise to the whole series and blurb to the first book. First off, I was going to title this book Unwanted Bride or William’s Blood Bride as a working title until I found something better, which I did. Muse is actually shouting it at my thick skull. Book 1 of the Blood Bride Series is Keeping Mhari, which fits so well with the premise of the books.

Escorts. Mistresses. Concubines. Courtesans. Brides. And wives.

We are all of these and so much more. We are the most ancient of daemons. Emerging from primordial waters before life began. We are true immortals. We are Blood Brides, and we have four basic rules:

#1, never fall in love; #2, never trust anyone with our secrets; #3, never create a permanent bond ; and #4, never lose your head.

William MacGregory didn’t come to Marcus’ compound looking for a Blood Bride. His orders were to accompany his half-brothers and bring them home again. Only he’s been duped by Simon, his family’s patriarch, and Marcus, who seem to think that he needs a woman in his life. Not bloody likely. The last woman to enter his life extracts a hefty price from him every year. But they’ve made sure he can’t refuse this woman by placing her life in his hands.

Mhari was born and raised in a lab for one purpose and one purpose only, to serve her master. But she is like no other Blood Bride. She isn’t bred into submissiveness. Through her veins runs ancient blood, the purest in the world. She is a fighter and her instincts tell her that William’s lethal arms is where she belongs. There’s only one problem: Martha.

2 thoughts on “My Muse Just Slapped Me Upside the Head

  1. Very cool, Steph! I LOVE that book bio on the Blood Bride book. The part that you wrote ‘Not bloody likely.’ showed a lot of personality in his character and how he feels about his arrangement. That’s the part where I would ‘buy’ the book because it was catchy and funny. But the whole premise sounds terrific. I can’t wait to read this book!

    I agree. Waiting and thinking over an idea is still writing. I’m doing that with my stuff, and what it means is less rewriting in the future. 😀


  2. I didn’t have a full picture of the book until yesterday. I’ve been writing without a plan which isn’t like me at all. William has a lot of personality that is just coming to life on the page. Kind of like Hades, he’s easier to write, but Mhari has been a little harder to pin down. She’s going to be the one doing all the changing in the book.

    Keeping Mhari wants to be written now and I can’t waited to finish the book, which is why I’ve had so much trouble focusing on Ride of the Valkyrja. *Whip crack* Opps! Muse is calling.


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