Early Morning Epiphany for Ride of the Valkyrja

I woke at 4 am, just after my hubby went off to work, with the realization that even though the prologue to Ride of the Valkyrja isn’t going to work with the new direction of the story, there was a better one lurking in the works. I know the debate on the whole use of Prologues, mostly “don’t use them,” but the one I want to write is the definition of a Prologue and not a first chapter. It’s something that could be skipped without losing the integrity of the story and yet shows what happened in a part that will only be referred to in the book.

So I sat on the couch, furiously writing out the prologue in the inadequate lighting of my hodgepodge living room, and hoping that my kids wouldn’t wake before I was done. Four pages later and I had a working rough draft and some ideas for the next book in the series. I also had a need to do some research on the myths surrounding Norse gods so that I know where I can diverge from it.

Months ago I did research on Valkyries and Norns who were to be the main focus of the book. The Norse gods weren’t even mentioned. But now I need to have a working knowledge of the mythology of the Norse gods’ that I only vaguely know. So for the next little while I’ll be posting on what I learn about Norse mythology in relation to my series of novels. Hope you’re all ready for some fun 😀

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