What’s Happening this Week

There are a few things happening this week and another that I hope happens this week.

First, Persephone was released over the weekend as an eBook. So far it is only on Smashwords. Now before anyone goes out to by this book, a word of warning, this is just a sex-free version of My Lord Hades, it still has all the sensual and sexual tension (tempered down a little), but all sex in the book is behind closed doors. I did this for several reason and people have brought up a few more good reasons. Reason #1 is that my mom threw such a fit over the sex scenes in the book that it made me want to fix it despite loving the book. Reason #2 the place that I originally came from frowns upon such books even though I secretly believe they make up about 50% of the buying market, and I wanted to sell to those people. Reason #3, my parents would love to market a book they enjoy, one works at a school and the other at a University. Reason #4 was brought up by Reena Jacob‘s in her blog today, if you love the sex version of My Lord Hades but can’t see yourself telling other people about it, then Persephone is the one you can share with them without fear because it could be considered a Fantasy with romantic elements.

Second, thing is that Reena Jacobs,  is having a one year blog birthday and has decided to have book giveaways from some authors that she met over the year. If you are looking to win some free books this would be a blog to check out. Today is my giveaway, 2 eBooks of My Lord Hades and 2 eBooks of Persephone. Read her instructions on how to participate, I promise it will be well worth the effort!

Third, I hope to have my new website for Ruis Publishing up this week. The webstore took me a little longer than I thought it would to have ready, so it will probably be ready at the end of the week. Next week will be me changing the links to my website, because all my books will be offered at RP’s webstore as well as a few other writers. But I’m not leaving it at just that, I’m also linking to some of your favorite bookstores as well.

Fourth, and lastly, I’m debating the whole pen name thing again. Stephannie Beman will remain the writer of romance and erotic romance, but I also want to expand into the realm of erotica. I can’t decide wether or not to have a pen name and keep it secret, or have a pen name and let everyone know it, or forget the pen name and just warn everyone that the book is erotica. What do you guy think?

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening this Week

  1. Well, you know what I did. LOL I even put ‘Pen name for Ruth Ann Nordin’ so it’s not that hard to deduct what my pen name is. I figured, in the end, if I slipped like I did with the pen name I originally tried to establish, I wouldn’t have to find a way to lie my way out of the mistake. That was primarily the reason I did it. After I slipped under my original pen name and received emails from my regular readers (and lost lots of sleep because my cover was exposed), I decided I’d rather just admit it should someone ask but not advertise it. I made a brief mention on Facebook what the genre was and told people to contact me if they were interested, and a handful did. But I don’t go around with a banner and say ‘I’m so and so.’ Hope that makes sense.

    If you have the energy and can juggle it, you could try keeping it a secret and seeing how it goes. That way your mom and others back home won’t find out. I guess I’m lucky in that my family thinks all romance is junk so it doesn’t matter if it’s clean or not. As for my husband’s, they don’t care at all.

    Here’s a fun exercise if you want it. 😛 Write a couple blog posts explaining your ‘experience’ doing each option, as if it’s a year from now and tell us the nitty gritty of what you think will happen.


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