A Day in My Life

Woke up this morning to about a foot of wet snow and a load of work ahead of me that makes me cringe. (Breathe. Breathe. Pick one task at a time. Now work forward.) Whoever says that self-published authors are taking the easy way out never tried to balance what is on my platter.

I started out the day by working on my Writer’s Business Plan for 2011 since I was unable to work on it over the weekend. But that couldn’t hold my interest so I moved on to fix my Ruis Publishing site store section. I want to get all the pages working to my specifications so when I link it to a web store  or move it completely in January everything will be set for the books and hopefully the buyers. (Please, oh please, let there be buyers.)

I tried a little editing to Persephone, the sex free version of My Lord Hades that I was going to publish under the name Stephannie Heggem, but I’m having seconds thoughts about it. Not the book or sex-free version, but publishing it under a different name. It doesn’t seem right. Plus I don’t want to have to promote yet another author name. One is enough three and four is too many.

So I moved on to procrastination and started talking to my two writer friends. Who gave me some really good pointers on website design, web stores, and their reviews on the hosting sites they use. I think I’ll look around some more and see what I can find in the range of web store. Opps, better go. Time for bed.

6 thoughts on “A Day in My Life

  1. I’ll throw in my two cents on the pen name thing. I think since they are the same book, you can use the same name. I would just mention that a G version is available and list the G version title beside the R one so people know there are two versions up. This way people know it’s the same story with a change in heat level, and you don’t have to promote two different names. Who knows? Maybe someone will love your book but know someone who shies away from sex scenes so they’ll mention your G rated version to them?

    And yeah, self-published authors do a lot more work than traditionally ones do because we wear all the hats. 😀


  2. I agree with Ruth on the pen name. I think putting Persephone under a different name may confuse some readers. I can imagine emails coming your way, “Hey, Stephannie… did you steal someone’s work? I found a story which was exactly like yours with a different title. You’re going to jail!” “Stephannie! I’m your biggest fan. Did you know some jerk plagiarized your novel almost word for word? You should sue!”


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