Author Branding? What is that?

I know the ends and out of creative writing, I taught it to teenagers for about three summers, but when it comes marketing and promoting a book, it’s all Latin to me. So the last few weeks I’ve been focusing my studies on book marketing and promoting in an effort sale more books and in the case of the last 7 days give that book away.

Last week I came across author and book branding. It’s not a new concept to me, but it’s not something I thought of before. In the ranching business, branding is placing your mark upon the animals you raise. This lets others know that the animal that might find its way through the fence into other ranchers pasture or onto the road, who exactly owns that animal.

Author and book branding is the same concept. But with a few differences. One you’re not using a branding iron to burn the brand into flesh. You are creating brand, a set of words or a concept to brand you as an author or placing your mark upon your books. So what are the other differences?

In short, author branding is you. It’s who you are as an author and your presentation of what you write. It’s the type of books you write.

For the next two days I’ll be talking about Author Branding. If you have any questions about this that you would like me to cover, just let me know below or email me at See you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Author Branding? What is that?

  1. Oh WOW Stephannie, do I need this info… I haven’t a clue about my brand yet and I’m not even sure I understand what “brand” means in re: authors. I’m so new at this it’s nerve wracking (is that one word or two?). Looking forward to your posts.


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