When Characters in Loving the Goddess of Love Change their Minds

When I wrote My Lord Hades, I had no idea that I would be writing a spin off series involving the rest of the Olympians. Loving the Goddess of Love is Aphrodite’s and Hephaestus’ story. And it’s moving along great.

Zeus has finally ordered Hephaestus to marry Aphrodite and given Aphrodite her ultimatum. So now they are awaiting the moment they will be bound. Now unlike the myth, Aphrodite’s not going to be cheating on Hephaestus. As a romance I just can’t have that. I’m sure I’ll get some criticism for it, but it can’t be helped. I’m not writing an erotica.

Right now I’m watching the change of my characters. I love to see the Aphrodite I created in My Lord Hades develop and grow upon the blank page. She is turning out better than I ever imagined.

She puts on the act of self-centered, vain, and lustful goddess, but that’s all it is. I want to stay close to the mythology while giving Aphrodite more depth than her later counterpart was ever given in the mythology. Though her earlier incarnation was as a goddess of love, sex, and gardens. There was no Ares and I have yet to learn who she married before Hephaestus became main stream.

As for Hephaestus he’s easier to stay within the mythology. He’s kind, friendly, crippled, an outcast of Olympus, and completely in love with Aphrodite, but not much more is really known about him.

Oh no, family’s having a pillow fight and I want to join. Better go. LOL