My First Novelist Payday

I got my first paycheck from Amazon the other day. I was so excited, even though I knew it was probably just enough to cover the expensive of the ISBN on one media version of My Lord Hades.

My husband was not impressed by the $19.76. And he was right, I’ve spent more to produce it, but in the scope of things, not so very much. My second income stream of editorial services helped pay for the iSBN’s, a Kindle, and the Interent for a year.

It was the principle of making money from something I love. Do I hope it will someday be more? Hell yeah! But it’s not that very important if it doesn’t. My income doesn’t depend on it right now. I’m just doing what I love.

6 thoughts on “My First Novelist Payday

  1. I’d suggest your husband ask himself if he started from scratch at ranching, how soon would he get a significant profit. No business ever thrives in one month. It takes time to build.

    Sorry but this kind of thing pisses me off because I’ve had lots of irritating “discussions” with my own husband over this sort of thing. It took me a good 20 months and 12 romance novels before I saw $128.


    • I’ve used that tactic. He told me once that there would be no need if I went to work for someone else. I asked him if he was suggesting I go to work. He said no. he liked me at home with the kids (also, my arguement on the matter holds more water. It would cost my paycheck in gas money and child care for me to work.) Also in the same discussion, he usually says something along the lines of, if I enjoy it then I should do it. He’s a walking contridiction somedays. 🙂


  2. Whoo-hoo! Do the first check happy dance!

    don’t feel bad. I’ve been paid once by CS , I think I’ve been paid twice through the at $15.00 a piece, and once from smashwords at $14. Needless to say, I made more than that on my first two book covers, but as you say, it isn’t the money that matters. Also, having that second “101 tips” book helped, and I imagine getting Legacy of Ghosts out will, too, as it’s more books to potentially be purchased.

    My hubby was mediocre-ly supportive of me. He thought at first that I might make a lot of money at it, and when he discovered I wasn’t he was initially bitchy, though I explained to him time and again that you have to build a presence, etc. etc. and can’t go from no one to success over night. Then I started doing the book covers and while he was out of work that’s what paid some of our bills, so he’s shut up completely now about all of it; the writing, the art, etc and in fact even helps out around the house now without too much complaining, despite the fact he’s working outside the house as a CNA. But, he wasn’t really bad about it to begin with. It wasn’t like some husbands who really put their wives down and tell them they’ll fail, or that they have no talent, etc. he was just skeptical that self publishing was worth getting into because of the “lack of return”.

    Now that my comment is longer than your blog…. :p


    • I did the happy dance. It might not be a lot, but I hope it’s only the first of many. 🙂

      Don’s always been supportive of what I do, but there are those moments when he’s comments border on “not supportive.” Like with the first check.

      Like your husband I think he was looking for a bigger return. There is that hope that I’ll make enough from my writing to add to our income when he retires in a few years. Part of the dream that is in the works, like I’ve told him, until I get my name out there a little more, which means more hours online then I get now, it will only be a slow moving process. And then again, it might never happen.


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