A Wedding and a Doctor Appointment

The weekend is coming to an end and while I should be in bed next to my husband with my soft purple earplugs (I love the color purple) to block most of the sound of his extremely loud and very annoying snores and awaiting the start of another HD, surround-sound, 3D dream of who-the-hell knows what it will be tonight, but I’m not. I’m listening to Beseech on my cell and debating how to make a debacle of Aphrodite’s wedding without anyone calling it off. I’m not writing the actual scene, but notes on what needs to be done.

Since Rhea has made it a dictate that Aphrodite will marry Hephaestus and she’s at the wedding, Zeus will be pressed into making it all happen. Ares is going to try to stall, if not stop the wedding permanently.

I thought starting the scene tonight and finishing it tomorrow, however, I have to take Bits (my 2-year-old daughter) to the doctor tomorrow, then the playground, and then the clinic to catch up on her shots before winter hits and I get behind again. Tots (my 4-year-old daughter) is all caught up until next year. I hate taking my kids in for their shoots. The kids may cry, but it is cruel and unusual punishment for the parents.

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