Aphrodite, Rhea, and Working without the Kids

Coffee is brewed, music is playing, kids are fighting, muse is threatening to strike if I don’t write, & hubby is strangely absent. *sigh*

My internal clock is very good at waking me at 6am or earlier. Which doesn’t help on mornings when I’m so tired I shut it off or my kids wake with me. Usually I tell the kids to play in their room and let me work. Or I might turn on Nick JR and let them watch for an hour or so. Today, I got them dressed and sent them outside with their daddy. Hehe….

So it’s to work with me. Rhea has finally made her grand appearance in Loving the Goddess of Love and made her demands that Aphrodite marry. I was going to have Hera do it, but Zeus would most likely wait awhile before doing it just to annoy her. Whereas with his mother, and the way she says it, he sees the wisdom of it and is more likely to comply.

So Aphrodite is about to be told she is going to marry. Poor girl is having so much fun, she’s not going to be happy. And I feel bad for Hephaestus too, he doesn’t want an unfaithful wife. But everything will work out for the best.

Better get back to work. Coffee break is over and the characters are waiting to play out the rest of the scene.

One thought on “Aphrodite, Rhea, and Working without the Kids

  1. Hehe. Men will listen to their mothers more than their wives anyway. 😉

    Sounds like a lot of fun! As long as they are going to have a happy ending, all agonies in between will be worth it.


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