Escape into the Woods and Writing

Sounds like a suspense novel or a survivist non-fiction, doesn’t it? But it’s not.

The girls and I plan to go out into the wilds of our backyard and have a picnic. When I say backyard, I’m not talking about 3 acres. I’m speaking about a small ranch with over 300 arces to lose ourselves in and hide from the controlling, stalker of a relative who is honing in on my territory.

This allows my kids the time to play free of ‘don’t do that’ and ‘do this’. It gives them time to spend with mom, free of guilt…okay, shut up, rant over.

Recap, we are spending the day in the woods so my kids can play and I can write scenes feom Loving the Goddess of Love. I want to start the next scene where Aphrodite will marry Hephaestus against her will. She’s not all that happy about it and neither is her lover Ares. She’s planning a way to get out marrying anyone not that it’s going to help her. Wish me luck.

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