Writing Loving the Goddess of Love and Haying

The last few days I’ve been in the hay field with my husband and daughters. Mostly watching them play, teasing my husband, and writing notes for Loving the Goddess of Love. There has also been the occassion to pitch hay out of the swells and ditches. Though the real work begins when we move operations to the east meadow.

So I’ve had the opportunity to work on Loving the Goddess of Love. Much of my research has been completed. My character charts done. And my setting sketches finished. So I started to write.

The idea was to use some of the same scenes from My Lord Hades in this book to give everyone a different prespective of some of the events. But then I decided to use the same events but at different times during the scene. So for those who read My Lord Hades you will get to find out how the conversation between Athena, Artemis, and Aphrodite got started and why. You get to learn what exactly Hephaestus was talking about when Hades came to visit him at his forge. And just what Aphrodite was up to in all those scenes in which she appeared.

Staying true to the myths about Aphrodite, I plan to leave her as the devious, vindictive, and flighty goddess who sometimes helps young love as well as break lovers apart. But I’m giving it all a twist, a reason. While somethings might not be exactly like the myth. I will endeavor to keep as close as I can, and like with My Lord Hades I will explain the parts I can’t.

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    • I liked the idea too and thought I’d make it a reoccuring theme through all the other books that will be linked to those two series (Gods and Daemons of the Underworld & Gods of Olympus).


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