Will Ride of the Valkyrja be a single book or a Trilogy?

When I first started planning Ride of the Valkyrja, it was about teens and was going to be a fantasy, but the book changed within the first chapter. The main character Pruđr morphed into an adult, Tor became a secondary character instead of the main one, Munn took a more active role in the novel, Tyr became the main character instead of one of the background characters, Hunn became a jerk, Lyna was no longer the scared human that messes everything up, the killer isn’t the evilest dude in town, and the tame romance I had planned transformed into a full-blown sex romance. Now the book is different from what I planned but I’m nearing the end.

However, as I come to the conclusion I realized something important. If this is to be a single book, I need to either resolve a few sub-plot points that I created earlier in the book to support a bigger plot point or remove them altogether from the book. If I do the first option, then I’ll have to continue writing this book for a little longer, until they are resolved. If I do two, then the book will be shorter than I planned it. My third option is to make Ride of the Valkyrja into a trilogy.

Making a book series is not as easy as it might sound, but it’s also not as hard as you might think. Besides writing the books, you’ll have to have two main plots, or three if it is a romance. The first one is the series plot and the second one the book plot, and if you have a third one, the romantic plot. The series plot is just like what it sounds. It is a plot drawn out through entire novel or novella, from start to finish, and every book resolves just a little more of the series plot. A book plot is just the plot done for each book. It starts at the beginning of the book and it ends at the end of the book. And the romance plot, if you have one, is threaded throughout it.

So now that I wrote all this, I know that Ride of the Valkyrja is going to be a trilogy, because I don’t have more than three books in me that will have Munn, Tyr, Pruđr, and the true bad guy in them. I’m more interested in the Greek/Roman novels I started outlining this year.

What do you all think about series? Do you like character series (main character is the same throughout the story) or seccession series (where each novel introduces the main character for the next novel)?

3 thoughts on “Will Ride of the Valkyrja be a single book or a Trilogy?

  1. How did you get this background?

    Okay. For the post…

    I have done both types of series, but I prefer to do the series that has the same world but different main characterst that weave in and out of the other books in the series as minor characters. Less of a headache that way, in my opinion. 😀 But I know someone who is doing full length novels focusing on two main characters with a series expected to be 10+ books.


    • I created the background in paint and uploaded it to a theme that allowed me to change the background. It wasn’t too hard. Why, you want one? 🙂 You can upload any picture you like.

      The series plot of Ride of the Valkyrja would only work with Tyr and Prudr as the main characters. However, I want to write other Valkyr novels with other key characters. I don’t think I would ever have a 10+ book series in me dealing with two main characters. I prefer using the same world and different main characters.


      • I stand corrected. The friend only plans on four of the ten or so books to be with the two main characters. Then she passes the torch on to other characters. Her third book is going to be 100,000 words, and I’m guessing each will be about that afterwards. Goodness, I do good to write 80,000 max, let alone a series of books that connect with plot points! :-O

        I love this background, but I don’t know where I’d ever use it. But it’s perfect for Satin Sheets!


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