A Conversation with Tyr

A few days ago I had a conversation with Tyr out by the wood pile and thought I’d give everyone an example of this conversation as I remember it. I’m sure his viewpoint is different.

Tyr: You’re doing it all wrong.

Stephannie: Hey, who’s the writer here? (split a log) ME! This is the way it needs to be.

Tyr: But you’re skipping ahead. You need to write the next dozen scenes from the outline.

Stephannie: They’re not necessary. (split another log) It’s all filler.

Tyr: They’re important to the plot, the romance between Pruðr and me can wait. The killer must see Pruðr as a threat or the end you envision wont work.

Stephannie: Tell me, O knowledgeable one, why doesn’t he see her as a threat right now. She thwarted his plan, even if people died.

Tyr, shaking his head: Don’t be silly. She didn’t really thwart his plan. No one listened and people died, that was what he wanted. She hasn’t really done anything to ruin his plans. Those three scenes you wrote won’t work yet.

Stephannie: Urgh! (split another log) You’re impossible! (and another one) It will work!

Tyr, smug: Besides, he wants her. Remember the scene at the lake. This subplot needs to be explored a little bit more. And how about Hunn? Where does his subplot come in, if you remove the scene where it comes into play–

Stephannie, mumbling: Arrogant bastard!

Pruðr: He’s right and you know it.

And he was. Why did I bring this up? I did it my way. It didn’t work. I’m trying it his way.

Why didn’t I do it his way to begin with? I’m annoyed by people, real or imagined, that tell me what to do. So there! 😛

2 thoughts on “A Conversation with Tyr

  1. There have been times when I have conversations with the characters in my novels. It’s how I know when I’m doing something wrong. My non-writer friends think I’m insane haha.

    But as I have learned, my characters usually know best. 🙂


    • Our characters usually do. They know their story, we’re just trying to uncover it for the rest of the world to read about it. I’m Glad to know I’m not the only writer people think is insane LOL


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