Adventures in Trying to Write

Lately, everyday seems to be an adventure in trying to write. It’s been a crazy few weeks with everyone sick and then our neighbor going missing and the studden warm weather that caused the snow in the mountains to melt too fast and the river to rise and overflow its bank, so when it finally receeds I’ll be on clean up in the meadow. Then I had problems with My Lord Hades formatting that didn’t show up in the html or preview copies, but which are now fixed and re-uploaded to Amazon. I tried putting it on Smashwords, but it has yet to work, so it may never be placed there. I received my proof copy of my book in the mail and it was an awesome feeling to hold my book in my hand. A post for another day though. I finished redoing and reloaded my book PDF files and cover to my printer.

Today wasn’t much better in the writing area. My websites needed to be update in the worst possible ways, so I’ve been working on this website all day. I fixed the links that were buggered up when I changed the website theme–out of curiosity does any one like this theme or should I return to my old one?–updated my books, articles, and bio pages. They are so much easier to navigate now.

Now I have to update my novel blog and post the scene I have been able to finish there. Then hope over to Self-Publishing Author’s Lounge to update a few links there before going to MySpace to post and comment there.  It’s a good thing I don’t have anything else anymore because I’m wiped out updating websites. My limit for this is about an hour, I’m seven over that. (Sigh)