Finally Uploaded My Lord Hades!

So here’s the update.

Last week was one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The formatting of My Lord Hades gave me a little grief and it took three days to get it to look right on Amazon Kindle. Then on the PDF version an extra page kept appearing and I still don’t know why it kept adding it. Although, a friend did tell me that it’s normal not to get the formatting right the first time.

Don was kind enough to leave the cell phone/computer modem with me all day last Wednesday, which helped me get a lot done. Part of my problem is that I have the Internet only at night, two hours before I have to get the kids ready for bed and hit the sack myself. This gives a mother very little time to upload stuff and look over the results when the said kids keep interrupting me. Then if I have to post to blogs, answer emails, or do a little networking. It doesn’t happen.

And now all that has changed. Since Don’s gone on a trip this week, I was going to drive the 30 minutes to the library every few days to check emails so they don’t pile up. At 20 emails a day, not including junk mail, I’d have about 120 emails by the time he returned and I hate going through the 20 a night while I post to my this blog, my novel blog, my pseudonym name for a non-fiction I’m working on with my sister, Self-Published Author’s Lounge, Facebook, and MySpace. And that was after I cut down on my blogs places. Then there is the social networking on other sites and….needless to say, writer’s are overworked, whether they self-publish or traditional publish.

Friday, Don surprised me with a cell phone/computer modem he bought with his plan. I love it! It was red with a changeable faceplate that had a white background and red and pink hearts. The family plan has limited minutes that we have to share, but there are a lot of minutes each month so I’m not worried. I love the features and I now have unlimited texting and Internet, I really needed the Internet.

So this week is a little better. I have My Lord Hades upload to Amazon Kindle, which can be purchased here. I have the PDF sent to my POD printer. I should get the proof copy about the 14th of June and once approved, the print version will be coming out in August.

2 thoughts on “Finally Uploaded My Lord Hades!

  1. Whoa! The new look threw me off for a minute. You have a lot of links. LOL You are the queen of research. 😉

    I bet it feels good to have My Lord Hades finally done and out. Now get to work on Aphrodite’s book! I so want to read that one!! (No pressure or anything…well…maybe a little. :P)


  2. Sorry about that and not answering back in so long to your comments. I wanted to change the look and found one with three columns I could customize, but my time was cut short before I could finish working it over. I want to add the Amazon links for My Lord Hades in the right side column. Hoping to get to that today or tomorrow.

    As for My Lord Hades, I’m glad to have it out and working on Grace of the Valkyr. When that one is finished I’ll start writing Loving the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite’s book. Right now I’m working on the preliminary work of figuring out the characters and where it’s going. I placed it to the front of my list of books since your pushing for it so much. LOL


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