NEW RELEASE! My Lord Hades: Children of Khaos Series

My Lord Hades
Children of Khaos Series (novel)
by Stephannie Beman

In a world where Gods rule and Daemons are feared, Hades, the most notorious Phlegethon daemon-god to roam the ancient world, is released from his prison in Tartarus by the Olympian Zeus to aid in the war against the Titans.

Betrayed by the Gods he once served, battle-weary Hades promised to never allow another god power over him, but he didn’t plan on the intervention of the Fates intertwining his future with the daughter of Demeter. Persephone has become the siren calling him, promising the completion of heart and soul, but only a fool accepts the gifts of a siren, or fights against the will of the Fates.

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