Writing the Story When the Plan Works Against You

I didn’t always plan my novels. I once wrote by the seat of my pants and never reached past the 50 page mark. Then I read one of those “Write a Novel in 30 Days” books, and while I didn’t think that it would be so easy as that, I learned one important thing. I needed a plan, even if it was a simple one.

Last Novemeber I start by writing a summary of a couple of novels I’ve had in mind for the last few years with very simple character sketches attached. The one thing that I’ve noticed about character sketches, if they’re too long, they do me no good. Too much information that I don’t need. I only put the stuff I need in it. Name, age, physical appearance, a quick sketch of their home if they spend any time in it, and miscellanous information.

I was hoping an outline would help me be more productive and in some ways it does. Right now I’m working off the outline I created for Grace of the Valkyr. My only problem, the plan I had for the story is working against me now. Grace of the Valkyr was a sweet romanctic fiction of two teens in prehistoric earth created at the time that I wanted to write fantasy and historical fiction. About Feburary I realized I wanted to write what I like to read. I like fiction but I also want a romance/erotica plotline alongside it. 

Grace of the Valkyr made the change in the first chapter from two teens to two adults who desire each other. The basic plotline of searching for the killer before the tribe disingrates into war is the same, but the added elements of the romance are causing me problems which makes it a little slow going, for me and my readers. This makes it even harder since I started writing the rough draft online and didn’t run into the problem until Chapter 6.

2 thoughts on “Writing the Story When the Plan Works Against You

  1. Write what you love to read…


    What a novel idea. Hehe. Sadly, I only stumbled on that one a year ago. 😦 Up until then, I worried too much about what other’s thought, and no one I know (besides you) would be happy if I wrote erotica (hence the pen name).

    I think the spice is making the story that much more interesting. So in my opinion, the story isn’t dragging at all. 🙂 (Yeah, I know. But Ruth, you’re so horny any way. LOL)


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