Do you take the right road through the elegant country lane? Or the left road down the overgrown and less traveled path? Do you follow the route planned out? Or do you be spontanteous and follow a different plan?

Writing Grace of the Valkyr is like thinking your following the planned route down the country lane, only to find that your plans have spontanteously turned into the less traveled road where I have to stumble your way over the overgrown path. My characters have their own ideas for what we are going to do, and while they loosely follow the plan, they causing me no end of troubles now.

9 thoughts on “Indecision

  1. Hmmm…. Do your characters realize they have anxious readers who must know what happens next? Don’t they care? I’m in agony over the wondering of it all! (Okay, a little dramatic.)

    I know. Tell them I’ll write them into a short story with a dangerous beast who will get them if they don’t cooperate. I can write them out of existence if they continue on with giving you grief. Oh the power of the written word! *evil laugh with fist upraised* Writers will rule!


  2. It’s the old “curse of knowledge” dilemma isn’t it? It’s easy to assume visitors know how to comment or even that commenting is encouraged. Excellent post.


  3. Meanwhile I’m the exact opposite to most people at commenting and will comment if I have the tiniest little thing to say, probably cos I started commenting with TwentyMajor’s blog that almost instantly goes off topic.


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