My Reasons to Self-Publish

I was talking to a friend the other day about traditional publishing and self-publishing. She is a self-publisher, I’m heavily leaning toward self-publishing. Why?

~I’m already busy with housework, two children, ranch work, editing, and writing without adding the stress of an employer, deadlines, and rewrites.

~I like the freedom to create and move my business at my own pace. I would rather start slow while the kids are at home and work toward growing my writing career at a rate I’m comfortable with. I don’t want to have the worry that I didn’t make enough sales and ruined my chance of another contract.

~I may want a reader base, but I don’t have to have a large one to feel fulfilled. Like the story tellers of old, I love sharing my stories with others, I always have. That is what drives me to write, not fame or money.

~I want my stories to be mine from start to finish. I don’t want someone telling me what I have to change or rewrite. I don’t mind suggestions about what I could do to make it better. And who is to say the editor is right and not the writer. However, there are times when an editor is needed to read a book and point out the mistakes. 🙂

How about you? Do you like the idea of Self-Publishing? Or Traditional Publishing?

4 thoughts on “My Reasons to Self-Publish

  1. I agree that an editor is needed (I know I had some spots in my book that someone argued long and hard with me about, and in the end they were right!) but, i think it boils down to whether the author and editor have the same vision for the book, and I’m not sure that that is something you always get a choice about in traditional publishing.

    I really think that all authors should spend time researching their options and go with what works best for them 😀 I know I first considered self publishing because agents said they didn’t want more vampire books, but that’s not the reason I chose to go that route. I chose it because, in the end, I OWN the book. I can dictate what i do with it, who i give it to, who i sell it to, whether I pst excerpts on my blog or not, and no one else. That was what really tipped the scales for me 🙂


  2. I just got an editor who I guess could be called my proofreader. I’m hoping this will limit my own time spent in edits. I do go back over my stories, but instead of doing this 8-9 times, I hope to get it down to no more than three. I am so sick of editing my own stuff. LOL

    I’ve been thinking long and hard over what the advantage to traditional publishing is. I thought it might increase exposure, but then I thought, “The traditional author still has to market their book.” It’s just that they have limitations to what they can and can’t do to promote it. If I wasn’t able to post my books for free, I doubt I would’ve ever gained the exposure I did.

    What I like most about self-publishing is that there’s no pressure to sell books. I seriously don’t think I could handle the stress of knowing if I don’t sell enough copies, I disappoint my agent/publisher and doom myself to never being marketable to a publisher ever again.

    I just want to enjoy writing, not stress over sales.


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