Hey Friends!

Life is full of all the little things we love and I wanted a place where I could share my love of reading, writing, crafting, and graphic design. I look forward to meeting another friend along this journey called life!

What I’m Currently Working On

  • Adventures in Digging Our Own Clay
    My shop minion and oldest daughter, Tiny Trin, has really wanted to try her hand at creating clay sculptures for awhile now, but as I haven’t been all that keen to pay for expensive clay and it isn’t high on her list of birthday gifts and she no longer has the funds to pay for it either, we haven’t gotten any. That is until about a week ago. I Googled where clay comes from in an attempt to figure out if it would be feasible to collect some ourselves since there are an entire areas on the Ranch that is … Continue reading Adventures in Digging Our Own Clay
  • My Inner Creative is so Excited!
    Hello everyone! I hope your week has been a great one. I know that I’ve been busy. And yes, that is something that I say often, but it’s true. This week has been lots of working behind the scenes of running my business. Does anyone else find that there is so much more to running a business then what they took into account when they first started, or is that just me? Anywhoo, I started out the week doing one of my favorite things, branding and packaging. I know it sounds weird, but my inner graphic designer is having a … Continue reading My Inner Creative is so Excited!
  • Sale on Sewing Patterns in my Shop!
    This post is more for those who like to sew. Or if you know someone who likes to sew and might be interested, share this post with them. For one week only (July 14th thru 21st), I’m offering 15% off on all my sewing patterns and when you purchase $35 or more (not just patterns but anything in my shop), you get free shipping on your order. Now on to this extra exciting post. Mwwhawhahaha! With my stash busting in 2020, I decided that it was time to go through my sewing patterns to see what I still wanted or … Continue reading Sale on Sewing Patterns in my Shop!

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