Hello, my name is Stephannie Beman.

I’m a fiction writer who enjoys adding a smidgen of naughty, a touch of suspense, and a hint of romance into every story I write.

I invite you to pull up a chair and explore the worlds populated by people who live in the distant times and exotic lands, who travel through fantasy landscapes and the dark of space, whose magical quests reveal dark secrets and possibly end with a defeated evil overlord or two, whose sexy heroes and strong heroines often plunge head-first into a forbidden love that threaten all, and whose relationships are meant to be even if they fight it.

Welcome to my Worlds!

ChildrenofKhaosSeries TheShaaMadrSeries TheSharliSeries WildHearts Series

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Purchase at: Lulu

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Latest News

  • One Book Down, 4 Left to Go! 16 January 2017 5:22 pm
    When I wrote the Welcome to 2017! post I mentioned that I thought that I’d have to extend The Warlord’s Daughter to 100,000 to finish the story. I figured that it would take me another week to do this, but the second I started the new scenes everything went downhill. I ran headlong into a big problem: … Continue reading One Book Down, 4 Left to Go!
  • Welcome to 2017! 2 January 2017 12:03 am
    I hope your holiday break was as fun and productive as mine. I spent most of my free time working on finishing The Warlord’s Daughter (both productive and fun), putting together puzzles with my girls (possibly not so productive but it was really fun), working on my latest stitching project (more meditative), and spending quality … Continue reading Welcome to 2017!
  • Author News December 2016: New Release, Writing Projects, & Blog 1 December 2016 2:01 pm
    Man, it seems like forever since I last posted here! Only it hasn’t been because my last post was in October when I released 2 planners for writers. But I do feel like I’ve been in a bit of a blogging/writing dry spell for the last few months. Or maybe it’s closer to two years … Continue reading Author News December 2016: New Release, Writing Projects, & Blog
  • NEW RELEASE! Two 2017 Planners Designed with Writer’s in Mind 27 October 2016 11:20 am
    Last year, I released the 2016 Task & Project Planner and now I’m really, really excited to announce the unveiling of the 2017 Task & Project Planner and the 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner, but only because of a very dear friend of mine really loved last years planner made the request that I create a new … Continue reading NEW RELEASE! Two 2017 Planners Designed with Writer’s in Mind
  • Author News June 2016: What I’m Doing 15 June 2016 1:49 pm
    I hope everyone’s June is going great so far! May and into June have ended up being super busy months for me as I’ve been juggling bottle calves, a sick calf that needed tending, prepping to help with branding calves and moving cattle, house repairs, with kids being home for the summer and starting our … Continue reading Author News June 2016: What I’m Doing

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