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I invite you all to come on in, sit for a spell, and explore the worlds populated by people who live in the distant times and exotic lands, who travel through fantasy landscapes and the dark of space, whose magical quests reveal dark secrets and possibly defeat an evil overlord, whose sexy heroes and strong heroines often plunge head-first into a forbidden love that threaten all, and whose relationships are meant to be even if they fight it.

Welcome to our Worlds!

ChildrenofKhaosSeries TheShaaMadrSeries TheSharliSeries WildHearts Series

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2017  Project & Task Planner

2017_task_plannerThe 2017 Project and Task Planner is a yearly and weekly planner that allows you to see what appointments you have for the week, keep track of those pesky tasks that you need to make sure you have done daily, and make a to-do list of projects and tasks you need to work on but have no specific time or day when it needs to get it done.

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2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner

2017_writers_notebook_plannerThe 2017 Writer’s Notebook Planner was specifically designed for writers to help you track your time, pursue your goals, plan your projects, record your ideas, and live your life!

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