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Life is full of all the little things we love and I wanted a place where I could share my love of reading, writing, crafting, and graphic design. I look forward to meeting another friend along this journey called life!

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Craft Journal for Makers & Designers (A5 spiral bound) $16.00 at LULU
Craft Journal for Makers & Designers (letter-sized printable) $4.00 at Etsy
Vintage Porcelain Mantel Clock $75.00 at Etsy
Spring Table Placemat | MADE TO ORDER $33.00/ea at Etsy

Hexagon Full-Sized Blanket Afghan | Ready to Ship $250 at Etsy

What I’m Currently Working On

  • Stash Busting 2020, 6 Months In
    In January, I wrote a post called 2020 Goals + What I’m Doing where I listed out some of my goals for this year. Two of those goals included decluttering my craft stash and buy nothing more to add to my craft stash until I use what I have. I figured it was time to share how it is going six months later. This is What I’ve Finished Set of Cotton Potholders Cotton Potholders for a customer using the leftover cotton yarn from a previous order. When I ordered the yarn I calculated how much I would need for the order … Continue reading Stash Busting 2020, 6 Months In
  • More Bookmarks in My Shop!
    As an avid reader, I love bookmarks. I’ve owned hundreds over the years. Some, I have absolutely loved. Others, I have lost or thrown away as they start to fall apart. And then there are the ones I’ve loved, but are impractical as Hell (the metal bookmark I bought and refuse to get rid of even though it keeps sliding out of the book.) But my absolute favorite bookmark is the one that I hand stitched when I was 9 years old. It was the first cross stitch project that I had ever done and even though it makes me … Continue reading More Bookmarks in My Shop!
  • 2 New Items in My Shop
    I have added two new items in my Etsy shop, although one was actually added before the Spring Break, but with everything going on in the world and the school closures, it took me a bit before I was able to write this post. The first is a great item for writers… At the request of a writing friend who wanted a physical tracker for her word count goals but couldn’t find one that met her needs, I created the Printable Word Count Tracker and Graph for Writers to help her out. Both these trackers are useful in tracking word … Continue reading 2 New Items in My Shop

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