I was once a city girl who decided an adventure in the country would be loads of fun. I planned to stay a week, maybe two, and never left.

Hello! My name is Stephannie “Steph” Beman, and I’m a book loving, coffee drinking writer, book cover designer, and handmade artist. I love to tell stories that captivate the reader. I love to design and craft works of art that warm the heart and tickle the soul. I love what I do.

In 2018, I decided it was time refocus my life and create a place that better reflects who I am. A place that wasn’t limited to one subject. Life is full of all the little things we love to do and I wanted a website where I could share all the things I love to do.

I invite you all to come on in and explore my corner of the Internet.
Welcome to my Worlds!

The Writer

I have loved telling stories long before I could read them, and I naturally fell into writing about worlds populated by people who live in the distant times, who travel through fantasy landscapes and the dark of space, whose magical quests reveal dark secrets and possibly defeat an evil overlord or two.

I will soon be writing under two names. As STEPHANNIE BEMAN I’m a writer who sometimes adds a smidgen of naughty, a pinch of Horror, and a touch of Suspense into every story. As STEPH BEMAN I’m a writer of YA Fiction with a dollop of the Paranormal and a dash of Mystery.

The Book Reader

What writer doesn’t love to read?

Okay, I’m sure there are a few out there. I’m not one of them. While I don’t always have the time to read a lot, I love reading. The Reading List is a monthly post of all the books I’ve read and enjoyed throughout the month.

The Handmade Artist

For longer than I can remember, I have created different crafts with my mom and loved it. While I never stopped crafting, I never really shared that side of myself with others. Recently, I decided it was time to share the hobbies I enjoy with you. If you are looking for fun handmade gifts to make, I write about some of my favorite ideas here.

The Book Cover Designer

If you are an Independent Writer looking for a Book Cover Designer who will do her best to create the best cover for your business, I would love to help you. You can find my services for Book Cover Design and articles on the publishing business here.

New Releases

2018 Writer’s Day Planner

Latest News

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What I’m Working On Right Now

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