Blood Bride Series: Changes to the Series

I was talking to my writer friend Ruth the other day when she gave me a challenge, one I can’t seem to get out of my head and I’m really thinking of trying. She decided to try writing a Regency novel, moving away from her Historical Western Romances for a moment, and was curious to … Read more

My 2012 Writing Goals

Every year I make a plan for my new writing year, this year I’ve looking back at my previous years and trying to figure out what has been working and what hasn’t. I’m starting to get a good idea of what’s happening when that can really set back my writing goals. This year was a … Read more

Star Trek, Writing, and eReaders

I promise that I didn’t stay up late last night. I wasn’t editing the last pages of the hard copy of Once a Valkyrja. And I defintely wasn’t put the finishing touches on that shower scene in Keeping Mhari with William and Mhari…Yummy…Opps! Okay, so I’m a horrible liar. I was doing all of that. Which is why … Read more

My Muse Just Slapped Me Upside the Head

I’m a doggedly determined person that can be stubborn in so many ways. My muse has learned this over the years that we have been together and she’s found a way to work around it. Rather than tell me that I’m doing something wrong (Anyone ever see “Mr. Mom”? If not, it’s not important. The phrase … Read more