I am a coffee lover who has a healthy addiction to books.
I love to read them,
write them,
and design them.

Welcome to my Addiction!

What’s New!

October 23, 2014: Death’s Lover in Now Available Print!

A chance meeting changed the course of their lives, a second meeting will change their hearts and souls, what happens next will change the Underworld…

Death’s Lover is the third book in the Fantasy Romance series, the Children of Khaos, and delves into the lives of Thanatos, the spirit of Death, Lilith, and the warlord, Adman, who will do anything, kill anyone, to possess her and use her talent of foresight. TheĀ  only one standing between him and Lilith is Death himself. Thanatos will break every ancient law, and even a few newer ones, to save her, and in the end it might cost them both their lives.

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Starting August 15th, I’m Blogging Loving the Goddess of Love

As a reward to readers and in celebration for the release of Death’s Lover, I’m blogging a previously published book, Loving the Goddess of Love. You can check out the schedule on the Free Fiction Page to see when the next installment will be.

What’s Coming!

January 2015: His War Bride

Formerly known as Mina, this book is the Prelude to the paranormal romance series, The Phoenyx Cyn, His War Bride tells how the war began. Mina is an angeloi whose only ambition is to be married, give her husband heirs, and have a home of her own, until one bloody night changes everything. Ready to sacrifice her life to find the man responsible for her father’s death, Mina frees the hybrid demonii, Cynel, from prison and breaks the most sacred Law of her people.

Angeloi and demonii don’t mix. Hunted as a traitor, Mina’s journey will test the bounds of her commitment and Cynel’s control as they travel into the very heart of demonii territory in search of answers.