Hello, my name is Stephannie.

I am a coffee lover with a healthy addiction to books.
I love to read them, write them, and design them.

Welcome to my Addiction!

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The Reading List is just that, a list of books I’ve read and liked enough to mention, broken down by months and even years. Hope you enjoy! This is my Book Shop. Here you will find a list of all the books I’ve written, the latest book news, and my publishing schedule. Need a Book Cover Design? Take a look at my recent design projects and portfolio to see if we would be a good fit working together.


What’s New?

01/04/2015 – Website redesign is in progress through January 2015.

My plans to extend, and in some cases keep some things that I thought I might drop, means making some necessary changes to this websites pages to accommodate. I don’t want to disrupt the reading experience of visitors so I will not be putting up a maintenance or coming soon page.

01/01/2015 – Pricing change to my design services

Effective in 2015, I’ve made some pricing changes to my design services in the hopes that this will make it more fair to my design clients. All pricing is flat fee and in US dollars. If anyone has questions, just ask.

10/03/2014 – Death’s Lover Now in Print and Digital

Death's Lover, Stephannie Beman, Children of Khaos Series, fantasy romance novel, fiction based on Greek mythology, fiction based on Christian Mythology, God of DeathA chance meeting changed the course of their lives. A second meeting will change their hearts and souls. What happens next will change the Underworld…

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What’s Coming?

The Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy Coming in 2015

The publishing date of these books needed to be pushed back due to personal issues that made it impossible to meet the deadlines I was hoping for in the way I wanted to publish them. As of January 1, 2015, the first book in the series is finished and in editing. The writing of the second book will begin the second week of January. But this Historical Paranormal Romance series will be published in the first part of 2015.

The Scout’s Captive: Book #1 in the Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy


She’s the daughter of a lowly Border Lord, no one special, except the truth of who she really is could start a war… Trapped by a Council sanctioned betrothal she cannot refuse, Lady Laramina Farlon is about to marry a man she could never love to save her family and her people, because to refuse is a death sentence to all she loves.

The day the Council seized power, he lost everything he loved and became a man with a price on his head… Condemned to death for being born, Cynel joined a rebellion he didn’t believe in for three meals a day and a chance to survive, he’s become more ruthless and lethal then his enemy. He’s the perfect choice for an important mission, one that should have been simple, but Cynel is ill-prepared for the Lady who’s far more dangerous than any foe he’s faced, a Lady capable of thawing his frozen heart.

The Rebel’s Bride: Book #2 in the Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy

The_Rebels_Bride_2_webimagePromised to a man she doesn’t know and falling in love with the one she cannot keep, Laramina must find her place in her new world… Lady Laramina Farlon isn’t sure what to think of the changes happening in her life, but she knows one thing: she could love the man she’s married to if Cynel would allow it, but he’s made it clear that she belongs to another and he will not take another man’s woman. Will she allow others to dictate her fate and become the weapon they want, or if she will take her new found freedom and decide her own fate?

Married to a woman he cannot touch, Cynel’s desire for Laramina is undeniable… Everyone knows Nyfeli warriors are picky about who they chose for their mate, it’s why Cynel was chosen. They knew he would never bed Laramina, and when the time came for the marriage to be absolved, it would be done without difficulty. Only there’s a problem. Her presence is a temptation he can’t ignore.

The Warrior’s Lady: Book #3 in the Queen’s Rebellion Trilogy

The_Warriors_Lady_3_webimageDestiny has caught up to her, and it’s not the one she wants… Betrothed to a man she hated, given to a rebel she’s grown to love, and promised to a prince she’s never met, Laramina’s fate has always rested in the hands of those who care not for her happiness only their own ambitions, and she’s tired of being their puppet. She will make her own choices and protect those she loves, even if it means facing the Council and their King.

He will do anything to keep her, even defy a King… Cynel will do everything in his power to protect the only woman he could ever love, even if it means facing the pain of his past and defying the King who wants him dead. Even if it means allowing himself to be captured by the enemy who would kill him for what he is. Even if it means losing his wife to her destiny.