Hello, my name is Stephannie.

Author Stephannie BemanI’m a city girl turned ranch-hand and a mother of two rambunctious girls who is surviving on little sleep and lots of coffee, because my backyard includes about 300 acres for my very curious girls to get lost in.

When I’m not keeping track of my little ones or helping my hubby around the Ranch, I can be found hiding out in my office creating worlds populated by people who live in the distant times and exotic lands, who travel through fantasy landscapes and the dark of space, whose magical quests reveal dark secrets and defeat the evil overlord, whose sexy heroes and strong heroines often plunge head-first into a forbidden love that threaten all, or whose passionate relationships are meant to be, even if they fight it. Or with my nose in a book, reading the latest love story, although anything with a sinfully hot hero, adventurous heroine, and loads of passion will often wiggle their way in.

Occasionally, I pop out of my writing and reading worlds to design a few book covers for other indie authors, or watch my favorite TV shows such as Doctor Who, Bones, Defiance, Firefly, Castle, and The Walking Dead.

I love to hear from visitors, so feel free to come on in, have a seat, and explore all the lovely things I’ve created for you. 😀

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