AuthorStephannieBemanMy name is Stephannie Beman and I’m probably out wrangling children, reading a book or three, wandering the ranch, creating book covers, dealing with cows, or doing my first love…Get you mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about writing! Although….

Anyhoo, I’m frequently lost in one of my imaginary worlds, but I do pop in from time to time to have real conversations with living, adult people. You can only get so far with cats, cows, kids, and imaginary book people before your neighbors start to wonder if you are the crazy cat lady and forbid their kids to come play with yours. :D

I invite you to come in, have a seat, and explore the many lovely nooks and crannies I’ve created for you.

From Stephannie’s Desk

Office Before

Yes, this is my office, or the Batcave as my hubby refers to it. :D

April 2014 is here already and I’m trying to figure out where the year has gone so far. All I seem to do lately is write a little here and there but mostly I create book cover designs for my side business. How sad is that!

Cover designing was supposed to be a hobby business that I did in my free time. Now writing is the hobby business that I do in my free time. Sadly, it’s because cover design is where the money is right now and where I need to focus.

That said, I’m still writing and I have plans for the rest of 2014!

Death’s Lover: Book 3 of the Children of Khaos Series

Death's Lover, Children of Khaos Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance, based on greek mythologyI haven’t abandoned this. It’s just really slow going working around the schedules of hubby, the kids, book designing, and co-authoring books. So I’ve decided to start my Summer Schedule early with book designing. I’m only working Tuesday-Friday. I’ll get up Saturday and Sunday to work on it, and Mondays will be about writing as much as I can in the time I have.

No internet. No emails. No cover designing.

I really want to finish this book and move on to other projects waiting in the wings. Like….

The Rancher’s Wife: Book 2 of the Wild Hearts Series

I’ve had some people wonder what happened with this book writing project. It was put on hold while my co-author Ruth Ann Nordin and I have finally figured out how to get this done and published. Taxes, copyright issues, not having a publisher’s contract, all make this hard.

Well, it’s back in motion. We started writing it at the end of March and are roughly 9,000 words into the book. It’s one of those that is writing itself. Now if the cover would create itself…

His Brother’s Wife: Historical Western Romance

Historical Western Romance cover

This is another book I’m writing with Ruth Ann Nordin. It’s a standalone based on an idea she had for a contemporary romance thriller that she loved but didn’t want to write because of her love of Historical Western Romance.

So I helped her develop a plot that would work for the 1800′s period she loves to write in and wound up writing the part of the lawman Thaddeus “Thad” Standford who the female lead Arebella ends up marrying after the dead of her husband, his brother. It still has the thriller aspect, just for the historical western time period. :D

 My Website Re-Design

Is moving slower then I originally thought but that’s okay. I’m working on a piece each week. Last week was my Book Design Packages and Book Design Order Form. The rest of this month I’m working on the Book Pages.

The goal is to create three sections for this website: the main hub with the about me, blog, reading, and contact pages; the writing/book section with all the author page, and info about my books/series; and the design portfolio with all the information needed to order a book design (cover, formatting, and/or promo materials), services I provide and the price, my design process, and showcase of covers.

The main hub needs a little tweaking, the Portfolio and Books sections need an overhaul and a ton of new information that I haven’t had the time to add and want to.